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divided into four military regions: Northern military region (MR N) comprises Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Jämtland and Västernorrland counties. Second generation night vision equipment is also used, but illumination flares are mainly used. South Scania Battalion Skånska gruppen Includes a cbrn platoon. After the more specialised troops have been mobilised and deployed, the role shifts to either aiding the unarmed civilian defence force and securing food, medical care and infrastructure for civilians, or fighting the invading force using asymmetric warfare and local knowledge. Associated organisations edit The Home Guard also includes staff from eight voluntary organisations, so-called contractual organisations: Frivilliga Flygkåren (FFK) Voluntary Air Corps - reconnaissance and transport Flygvapenfrivilligas Riksförbund - Air Force Volunteers Association - support for the Swedish Air Force Svenska Fallskärmsförbundet (SFF) - Swedish. In case of a surprise attack, the National Security Forces Handbook 5 states that the National Defencive Forces are to become an integrated part of the dynamic response of the Swedish defence. In peacetime the Home Guards main task is to help with search and rescue operations, and to provide assistance to civil society in cases of severe emergencies such as natural disasters and the like. For this purpose, special destruction tubes have been built into certain key assets. Other equipment includes anti-tank mines and manually detonated anti-personnel mines, explosives and signals equipment. The regional command is located at Skaraborg Regiment (P 4) headquarters in Skövde. Denial of Freedom of Action. A prerequisite for joining the Home Guard is to have received at least 85 days of basic military training. The Training Groups are for the most parts the descendents of disbanded regiments and most Home Guard battalions carry the colours and traditions of its antecedent regiment,.g. örebro escort escort skaraborg


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